Our crispy pork belly is one of our crowning achievements. The final product of over literally a hundred recipe changes, this dish offers cuts of pork belly with a crispy skin on top. A perfect combination of meat, crispy skin, and just enough fat to make this dish over-the-top amazing.

Our spring rolls, which we owe our name to, are one of our premier items. This dish consisting of the freshest vegetables, rice noodles, and our signature grilled meats bring this dish to a new level. A notable thing about this are our use of grilled meats as opposed to the traditional boiled pork and boiled shrimp for the best flavor. We are most proud of the fact that we can offer our spring rolls as a fast and healthy addition to your fast and healthy lifestyle. Our spring rolls, made hourly, get you in and out of Fresh Roll in no time at all.

Our coffee is everything you expect of Vietnamese coffee. It's very strong, very sweet, and very good. Vietnamese coffee is often made using a small coffee press which creates a very strong espresso and then mixed with that is condensed milk which creates the very strong and sweet flavor Vietnamese coffee is known for. With that said, here at Fresh roll, we also add some other ingredients to heighten the flavor, but those are top secret.

Our banh mi (sandwiches) are a more modern take on a traditional classic. Banh mi with its roots not only in traditional Vietnamese, but also French cooking, is one of our great dishes. When the French colonized Vietnam, they brought items with them such as mayonnaise, baguettes, and  jalapenos which combined with local Vietnamese ingredients like cilantro, cucumbers, and pickled carrots and daikon created one of the most known and beloved dishes in Vietnamese culture to date.

Our specialty drinks, are some of the less traditional items on our menu, but we make up for it in taste and creativity. Some of our most popular drinks include our ginger lemonade, taro drink, and pandan mung bean drink. Our ginger lemonade is hand-squeezed and made fresh every morning.

The taro drink is one of our more creative drinks having come out of our love of the traditional flavor of taro milk tea, we decided to take it one step further and use fresh taro root as a base of our drink instead of using powder as a lot of other places do.

Our pho, which is without doubt, the most popular Vietnamese dish that is eaten all around the world. Noodle soup that can vary between meats such as beef and chicken, and within the bowl, lies many cuts of beef or chicken. While we take steps on our menu to create a more modern flavor, this is one of the recipes we couldn't change for the better. Using traditional herbs and spices and beef bones, we cook the broth for over 24 hours to create a rich and deep broth that proves good things in life are worth waiting for. If beef isn't to your liking, we also offer a traditional chicken pho. 

Our chicken pho features a broth we reworked to contain NO MSG and we only use the best chicken from Draper Valley Farms which are organic, cage-free, and anti-biotic free.

While we do pride ourselves on offering the big names of traditional Vietnamese food, we do have some things that stand out.

With everything you have read on this page about our specialities along with our regular items. We pride ourselves in making our food in the best way possible. We don't cut corners at the expense our our customers and their experience here. Everything we make here uses real food, nothing that requires a scientist to explain what it is; just real, local, and high quality ingredients. Those, combined with our passion for cooking, creates this menu we hope to share with you.

Our signature proteins, which can be added to our rice, noodles, and sandwiches, are what we have built Fresh Roll upon. All our protein options are charbroiled on the grill to create a flavor that stovetop cooking or boiling cannot compare to. We have very traditional options of chicken and pork, but also other specialty items like our nem nuong.

Nem nuong is a traditional Vietnamese pork sausage. Like all our proteins, the nem nuong is made daily and is extremely popular back in the streets of Vietnam. Nem nuong (pictured on the left) is traditionally eaten inside spring rolls, but we wanted to bring that amazing flavor to all our other dishes as well.